Everybody say Lin-ZAY cuz it rhymes with Mon-AY!!!


31 December 1983
Grand Island, New York, United States
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Grand Island High School - Grand Island NY (1998 - 2002)
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(eric), 50 cent, acting, american chopper, american eagle, animals, bebe, black, black eyeliner, bottled water, boy bands, boy shorts, brad pitt, britney spears, broadway, buffalo, buffalo state college, carslile cullen, cell phones, chatting, chocolate, christina aguilera, clubs and bars, comedy, communications, concerts, contacts, country music, curling irons, dance dance revolution, dancing, diamonds, downtown, dress to kill, eddie izzard, edward cullen, elmwood, eyeshadow, false eyelashes, flavored water, flowers, fox racing, glitter, glorious, grand island, harry potter, high heels, hot pink, house, improv, jack johnson, jeans, jeff vader, jesse james, justin timberlake, keith urban, kevyn aucoin, kissing, lancome, lip glass, lip gloss, love, mac cosmetics, makeup, makeup art, malfoy, money, movies, my family, my friends, new years eve, new york, nicholas, orgy, orlando bloom, pat mcgrath, paul jr., peaches, pink diamonds, pizza, pj's, public relations, pugs, puppies, pushup bras, red lipstick, rhinstones, robert pattinson, rpattz, sex, sex shops, sexie, shopping, silver, singing, six feet under, skirts, spot, stephen lynch, stilettos, sun dresses, tanning, the beach, the president of burundi, the x-files, thongs, twilight, victorias secret, west coast choppers, white gold, working

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